At this home located in the Cape of Alicante, Misura Studio has undertaken a complete furnishing and lighting overhaul project with the purpose of creating a functional environment that combines modernity and comfort.

For the bathroom, the fittings by Santos allowed us to maintain a pure design line without compromising on great durability, thanks to the character of the marine plywood vanity unit full with Kairos oak veneer, also by Santos.

Next to the kitchen, a wide open area with units by Santos featuring pure lines that are in contrast with other elements to provide additional warmth, we find the living room, where the tailor made sofas manufactured from jute linen fabric and furniture by Punt Mobles, Viccarbe and Inclass, to name a few, bring a fresh, Mediterranean touch to the property. There, the backlit shelving units are yet another example of Santos’ versatility when providing furnishings that are able to perfectly adapt to any home areas.


Brands: Punt Mobles, Viccarbe, Inclass, Santos.

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