A Spanish company specialising in the production and distribution of, and providing advice about, rugs and mats, offering an excellent, quality, flexible and proactive service to interior design and architecture professionals. They help to express the desired atmosphere in each project with a unique solution, working with excellence in the service and execution.


Of Finnish origin, Fatboy presents a wide range of iconic products, from lamps to rugs, ancillary tables, hammocks and all types of creations. Present in more than sixty countries, all their products are designed with a sole objective; to escape from the daily routine with a huge smile.


A brand firmly entrenched in craftmanship and design with a purely Mediterranean style and free-and-easy character. At GAN, the rugs create complete spaces that redefine the concept of habitability. All their products are made by hand by skilled craftsmen and women who use natural fibres: cotton, linen, jute, silk and wool. Their handcrafted pieces, which are unhurriedly made one-by-one, differentiate and define them.


Spain’s premier manufacturer of made-to-measure rugs and mats with an offering of more than 60,000 different combinations. Made-to-measure rugs and mats made with quality materials and decorative solutions in the quest for on-trend designs that keeps in mind the good taste of the classical.

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