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A Spanish company dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialisation of elements designed for furnishing and decorating our habitat with their characteristic sober and timeless style. Their careful proportions and wide range of finishes mean their products fit into any space.


A Spanish textile company that uses traditional quality materials which, along with their innovative compositions and weaving techniques, make each fabric an inspiring creation that is bound to generate emotions. Timeless collections with their own essence that generate a symphony of textures, design and colour.


A Spanish company that specialises in the production of tables, chairs and stools. Cancio design and manufactures its whole range of products in Spain with a marked vocation for offering a range of contemporary, functional and designer products. A brand that is present in more than thirty international markets.


A Spanish company with thirty years’ experience in the manufacture of bathroom furniture and accessories. Its high-quality, timeless designer products offer a wide range of materials. Innovation and creativity are characteristics of each one of their creations.


A Spanish company specialising in the production and distribution of, and providing advice about, rugs and mats, offering an excellent, quality, flexible and proactive service to interior design and architecture professionals. They help to express the desired atmosphere in each project with a unique solution, working with excellence in the service and execution.


An Italian company with Tuscan roots that are clearly reflected in their decorative collections for exteriors that are highly adaptable to any context, both in the professional and private sectors. A brand whose success is continually growing thanks to the comfort and elegance of their products with harmonious designs fabricated in steel and aluminium combined with technological and innovative materials.


A Belgian company with more than twenty years’ experience dedicated to the creation of authentic, contemporary and timeless furniture in solid timber. Versatile designs associated with different styles and manufactured in top-quality material. A brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, incorporating advanced techniques in the creation process.


Of Finnish origin, Fatboy presents a wide range of iconic products, from lamps to rugs, ancillary tables, hammocks and all types of creations. Present in more than sixty countries, all their products are designed with a sole objective; to escape from the daily routine with a huge smile.


An Italian company that is a benchmark on an international level that presents a broad offering of lighting possibilities. Different styles ranging from the simplest to the most luxurious but always characterised by innovation. Flos experiments with materials and technologies to offer top-quality designs and advanced features.


A brand firmly entrenched in craftmanship and design with a purely Mediterranean style and free-and-easy character. At GAN, the rugs create complete spaces that redefine the concept of habitability. All their products are made by hand by skilled craftsmen and women who use natural fibres: cotton, linen, jute, silk and wool. Their handcrafted pieces, which are unhurriedly made one-by-one, differentiate and define them.


A Spanish company dedicated to the design and commercialisation of outdoor metal furniture and accessories. With an extensive catalogue of designer terrace and garden furniture, Gandia Blasco is synonymous with the trend for prestige and quality products, which stands out for being a company that has achieved success in the international market thanks to its flexibility and constant evolution.


A Danish company that designs and manufactures contemporary furniture, accessories and rugs. HAY’s ambition is to encourage a return to the designer Danish furniture of the innovative greatness of the 50’s and 60’s but in a contemporary context.


A Spanish family business founded in the 90’s that offers a wide range of products designed for transversality and multi-purpose use with furniture designed for different contexts both for public and private use. Inclass offers an extensive collection of items created by top-level designers that provide solutions to the needs of all types of products with a broad range of finishes.


A Spanish company dedicated to the import, design and distribution of furniture and decoration for the outdoor habitat. With a philosophy based on the creation of a niche in the outdoor furniture market with differentiated products, trying to cover the different needs created by the final consumer whether on a design, service, quality, aesthetic or comfort level.


An Italian company that manufactures home furnishings that clearly combine the international spirit. 100% of their production is carried out in Italy combined with the inspiration of the main European and American cities. High-quality design to offer an increasingly full range of products.


Spain’s premier manufacturer of made-to-measure rugs and mats with an offering of more than 60,000 different combinations. Made-to-measure rugs and mats made with quality materials and decorative solutions in the quest for on-trend designs that keeps in mind the good taste of the classical.


An Italian company that manufactures furniture and decorative elements with clean, timeless forms. Their work is based on the combination of design and aesthetics, giving rise to products with a strong personality and collaborations with designers of international renown. They present different declinations of the same product, adapted to meet the needs of the client.


A Danish company specialising in the design and production of lamps and lighting systems for the home. The most important requisite being a fusion of form and functionality. Each detail should have its own purpose and not be purely for the sake of the design. They challenge our way of thinking about, developing and perceiving light.


A Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of different styles of interior textile design created for decorations from all over the world that evoke different sensations of mystery, creativity and spirituality. High-level decoration as a cutting-edge alternative with style, full of colour and texture that have positioned the brand as one of the best European textile editors.


Mad Lab is a Spanish company of designer decorative items headquartered in Madrid that is committed to innovation and good design, both in terms of objects and lifestyle. They use wood as a raw material combined with the latest technology, key to the conception and manufacture of their products.


A company founded in Italy and successful the world over. Their products are of high functional and technological quality, developed by leading international designers. Magis manufactures designer furniture and accessories of all types. Magis’s chairs, tables and stools are famous for the free-and-easy and creative style of their designers.


A Danish company dedicated to the manufacture of furniture and lighting products. At Menu, they provide intelligent solutions for modern living with beautiful objects for daily use, working with craftsmen and women from all over the world, preserving skills and creating the best modern design. Their decorative accessories stand out for their design and utility.


A leading Spanish interior clock company that is present in more than 60 countries. They dispose of a wide range of original clocks of cutting-edge design and great quality, handcrafted but always applying the most innovative techniques. Modern clocks with a minimalist and highly versatile design that adapt to any decorative style.


A Spanish company with its heart in the Basque Country dedicated to the manufacture of tables and chairs with more than 35 years’ experience. Their products address three basic premises: refined design, excellent customer service and an optimal quality-price ratio offering an extensive and varied range of models and finishes, enabling an almost à-la-carte choice.


A Spanish company located in Valencia dedicated to the manufacture of wooden furniture. Their products are clear, simple, elegant and functional. With creations that are suitable for different environments such as home, office and storage.


Santos develop and manufacture high-quality, resistant, ergonomic and functional furniture with an elegant design for interiors and outdoors. Their main objective is to satisfy users’ work, storage and organisational needs, creating solutions that offer maximum features in the minimum space.


A Spanish brand that is synonymous with style, a quest for quality and attention to detail. Their production is based on the manufacture of upholstered furniture with a contemporary design, with predominantly straight and simple lines, always following the rhythm marked by the latest trends as well as the final needs of the users, all within a medium/high range of products.


Treku is a Spanish brand whose headquarters are in Guipuzkoa that has a broad range of products with countless finishes, doors, handles, upholstery or materials, among others, for the purpose of personalising each piece. Their work is synonymous with tradition, quality and timelessness.


A Swiss brand that presents a wide range of modular furniture that has been manufactured for more than fifty years. Their system is still innovative, unique and has represented a timeless style since the day production started. It is an icon of modern design and art with a commitment to constant and true quality.


Viccarbe is a Spanish company whose designs exert a huge influence, reflecting their passion for colours and the warmth of the materials used as well as their careful attention to detail. Their products are characterised by a qualitative simplicity, innovative elegance and global identity.


A Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of elegantly worked designer sofas and unique craftmanship combined with the quality handed down over years of accumulated experience. Their new designer proposals are constantly updated, combining the most cutting-edge techniques with timeless style. Their capacity to specifically requested measurements and finishes is outstanding.


A manufacturer from the worldwide furniture industry with a “made in Germany” style offering high-quality office and conference furniture, creating benchmarks for the whole industry. Their international success is driven by coherence and continuity.